Monday, December 11, 2017

Presentation Skills

In my long career, I've attended quite a lot of corporate trainings on presentation skills/soft skills. Some were from the best in industry and some were the routine spend-the-budget types. The trainers come with lot of assessment tests to understand what the individual knows or doesn't know and suggest a ways to improve the skills and excel in communication.

While the ones who have a natural ability to communicate pick up things well and excel, the one's who don't have it can stumble. The most common tip the trainers give is to practice.

Two things can happen. One who has the natural ability take the tips, improve themselves, they put their head/heart/blood everything and when they deliver a speech if almost every cell in their body contributes to the speech, it ends up becoming a NaMo speech. But on the other hand, if someone doesn't have the natural ability and keep only practicing, can end up giving max-to-max a RaGa speech.

Clearly, what can make a big difference is one's inner ability/one's inner self/personality. Now, the ones who are not natural communicators stand at a big disadvantage and if they want to improve, I found that Meditation can be the most simplest and effective method. For, Meditation has the ability to clear one's mind, bring clarity to the thoughts, improve one's observation and give confidence to speak. After all, a good speech is not about using the most complex English words, but it is the ability to capture the pulse of the audience and communicate with them in a way they can correlate. It is the ability to put forward one's thoughts without confusion so that people can understand. Meditation helps do that exactly. How it does? The answer lies in practicing Meditation :-)


Geeta Sanikop said...

Well said Am..and though it's very true. I need to plugin immediately

puneet4u said...

Nice. It would have been good, instead of Namo you could have taken Swami Vivekananda's Vs X :). No contemporary politician is acclaimed and undisputed as Swamiji, to be used as ideologist.

Anonymous said...

The reasoning for this logic goes like this:

We have a complex problem to be solved like ax^n - bx^n-2 + ... + c = 0. It is really complex to solve. Some people have "natural" ability to understand maths. They can solve it anyway like Ramanujan. Others, they could try it but fail.

** Bang ** Bang **

Here is a solution. If you meditate, you can solve any problem. No need of Maths skills or logic or reasoning. Just meditate and you can conquer the world like Genghis Khan.

Amruth Raj said...

@puneet4u, good suggestion.

Naveen said...

Can you please stop referring to NaMo or RaGa in these posts?
I mean, you could have delivered a better post by not referring to them.

Aha, I understand. You are "practicing" :)